What we do

This family company has grown to become a dynamic organization with the sole mission of offering its customers the best quality equipment at the best price possible for the file, industry and trade.

This family-run company has grown year after year. Since the very first day in operation MOBILTAC S.A. has gained strength until becoming a dynamic organisation with the only aim of offering its customers the best quality product at a competitive price.


As for its manufacturing process, MOBILTAC S.A. has a surface of 6,000 m2 with a wide range of modern and sophisticated machinery exclusively devoted to the manufacturing of metallic shelves for archives, industries and commercial premises.  


The latest equipment purchased is:


1. Punching machine with computer numerical control to carry out perforations and small deep drawings on sheet metal formats.

2. Robotized welding cell.

3. Two presses to adapt to the Law R.D. 1215.

4. Shutdown shape cutting machine to launch a new product line: picking shelf PLUS 55 and heavy load shelf PLUS 80.

5.  line treatment with nanotechnology 3 stages and painted surfaces for up to 6 meters in length.


In 2005, as a result of our commitment to improve and control the processes and products, MOBILTAC S.A. establishes a Quality Management System with the aim of improving the customers’ satisfaction for the products offered and the steady innovation of the manufacturing processes. A year later, MOBILTAC S.A. obtains ISO standard 9001, thus acknowledging the efficiency of its quality management system.

In 2009, with the aim of keeping up with such continuous improvement, MOBILTAC S.A. establishes an Environmental Management System based on ISO standard 14001.

Since 2013 we are members of the Spanish Association of maintenance (AEFEM) to have the shelf half load (picking) and high load properly to the guidelines established in our industry.