MOBILTAC has more than 50 years of proven experience dedicated to design and manufacture metal shelnving for a commerce installation.

For the last 35 years, furniture for commercial premises has experienced a required and necessary EVOLUTION.

 The EVOLUTION is the result of a proper application of innovative formula, and in the case of commercial equipment, these are obtained through a detailed research on the customer’s behaviour regarding different ways of presenting the product.

 Our versatile and functional PLUS 33 shows proof of the latest INNOVATIVE EVOLUTION. With this, we are facing the ultimate concept of product display.

 MOBILTAC enjoys an accredited 53-year experience, exclusively devoted to the manufacturing of metallic shelves for commercial equipment and for this it relies on a highly professional and motivated human team.

 Our obligations towards the market demand and our customers’ trust alike have enabled the growth of MOBILTAC, which is currently equipped with up-to-date product systems to the service of COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT.