New hunting and fishing store

New Installation Hunting and Fishing Great Kaptura
Furniture bearing car for Fishing & Hunting, forming the top metal blade and aluminum painted in Ral 100 noir sable finish and in the lower cabinet with wooden Nebraska, with removable drawers with full extraction or folding or sliding doors depending on model.
Central Shop glass and wood with glass lighting led invisible, folding doors, LED lighting Vertical lighting for proper fishing reels, accessories, weapons .... With all the crystals soldiers with UVA.
Tables with top illuminated glass urn led invisible, sliding doors, lockable, bottom Nebraska finished wood with folding doors on one side and drawers with full extraction on the other side.
Product display tables, clothing, decorative items... with metal and wooden legs.
Fishing sinkers pyramid exposure, with heavy duty metal legs, metal sorters to separate all models of leads, and top for the exhibition of fishing buoys.
Variety of hooks and accessories for proper presentation of products, such as lures, rods, bags, wires, shotguns, weapons, technical clothing as well as new soprte for LAMA for vertical exposure shotguns.
New guide support lama wall accessories, combined with wood finishing Nebraska to section running apparel and specializing in game.
U-shaped counter multiuser with LED illuminated display case with safety glass envelope.
Testers wooden curtain support and customer service counters.