In 1966, José Aldehuelo founded a company that bears his name.
Later, in 1982 the company was founded MOBILTAC S.A.



In May 1966, Josep Aldehuelo Araujo decided to start making shelves and displays for shops, warehouses and shops (workshop, department stores and shops), all in a small place for rent 70 m2, on the street for 47 Cendrassos Figueres, using the acronym as a distinctive CT.


In May 1969 the shelves and displays were presented to the TAC competition Industrial Figueres, the opening of which was carried out by the authorities of the time the military governor of Girona, the mayor and Colonel of the garrison of Figueras.


The success forced to move the activity to the local rental of 250 m2 street Requesens, 22 Figueres, joining the company Francisca Godo Haro, wife of Joseph Aldehuelo Araujo. That same year, he enrolled in the Registry of Industrial Property Brand TAC, to distinguish the shelves of the Class 20.


In August 1973 he purchased property in land, building on it, 1000 m2 factory, more than 350 m2 on two floors located offices and exposure, even under the new sign-TAC mobilitari for trade.


In this year decided to constitute themselves into public limited company under the name MOBILTAC SA (50% for Josep Aldehuelo Araujo and 50% for his wife Francisca Haro Godo).


In July 2002 the company incorporated in the society his daughter Maribel and his husband Christian Masso, axií allowing the continuity of the company.


In May 2006, after 40 years from the beginning, the shelves MOBILTAC are present in most modern facilities of the time, all manufactured in 6000 m2 which has expanded the manufacturing premises of the company.


MOBILTAC direction, to the desire for continuous improvement in meeting customer requirements leads to the implementation of a Quality Management System, as established by ISO 9001 certification and obtains consistent on 24 January 2007.


MOBILTAC, maintaining its continuous improvement efforts, conducts and impantació sebons environmental management certification ISO 14001:2004


We substitute the line of degreasing and painting for the newest one that exists in the market and more respects with the environment: nanotechnological degreasing line of 3 stages and painted pieces up to 6 meters in length.


At the beginning of 2019 we acquired a 4 kW laser cutting machine with fiber technology that achieves a great reduction of the productive cost associated with saving in energy consumption.


Acquisition of a new straightener - electronic feeder with Motion-Drive control for one of our production lines.


Installation of 100.1 kWp photovoltaic panels for self-consumption of electricity.

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  • Mobiltac S.A.